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Notes and Reviews

Why Not Globalization?
by Stephen L. Talbott

The freedom of cultures to choose modernization cannot be denied, and the human individual today cannot help feeling a certain pull toward the global and universal. But this does not imply that we should pursue current globalization policies, which tend to extinguish both cultures and the individual.

Feature Articles

Elephantine Intelligence
by Craig Holdrege

In this excerpt from a forthcoming publication of The Nature Institute, Craig characterizes the intelligence of the elephant, showing how it must be understood to reside as much in the trunk--and, indeed, in the entire animal--as in the brain.

Life Beyond Genes — Reflections on the Human Genome Project
by Craig Holdrege and Johannes Wirz

How "the deciphering of the book of life" turned out to be unreadable—and how we are being indoctrinated to believe nevertheless that it is Holy Writ.

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