The Nature Institute - Being on Earth
Being on Earth: Practice In Tending the Appearances

Georg Maier, Ronald Brady, Stephen Edelglass


Front Matter [pdf, 33 KB]

Preface. How This Book Came About [pdf, 35 KB]

Chapter 1. Direct Experience (Ronald Brady) [pdf, 126 KB]

Memories of a Wrong-minded Student
Being Serious
Direct Experience Examined
First Doubt: Do the Senses Discover or Manufacture?
Second Doubt: The Power of the Mind to Combine
The Power of the Mind to Attend and to Intend
The Modeled Relation of Subject and Object—The Historical Problem
Our Senses Bear Witness to an Encounter
I “See” by My Understanding as Much as by My Eyes
Experience as an Object of Attention
“Who Hath Measur'd the Ground?”
My Activity Produces the Stable Object

Chapter 2. Sense Perception as Individual Experience (Georg Maier) [pdf, 92 KB]

Berkeley's Approach to Vision
Optical Appearances Need Not Be Representations of Material Bodies
Critique of the Concept of Rays
We See Images, Not Solid Objects
How We Normally Associate Vision with Physical Depth
Stereoscopic Vision Can Direct Our Movements in Body Space
Combining Perspective and Stereoscopic Vision in Movement
Pure Objects of Sight as a Limiting Case
A World of Light and Color
Objects of Sight as Straightforward Physical Quantities
Outness Proper: Extension into Which We Move Our Bodies
A Set of Exercises in Perceptual Activity, in Attending, in Encountering

Chapter 3. Reflections Upon a Pond (Stephen Edelglass) [pdf, 125 KB]

A Pond as Space Creator
The Spatial Character of Mirror Images Seen in Water
The Law of Reflection

Chapter 4. Intentionality (Ronald Brady) [pdf, 165 KB]

I Believed the Column Was of Solid Granite
Everyone Has Intuitions But They Confuse Them with the Senses
Exercises in Attending: (1) Taking Notice
Exercises in Attending: (2) Attending to the Focal Point
Exercises in Attending: (3) Ignoring and Attending
The Hidden Image
Kanizsa's Undepicted Forms
Activity and Consciousness: Discovering Meaning
Bring Me Any Worms That Sneer at You