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In Context #2 (Fall, 1999, pp. 14-17); copyright 1999 by The Nature Institute

Seeing Things Right-side Up: The Implications of Kurt Goldstein's Holism
Craig Holdrege

In the first issue of In Context I mentioned my "discovery" of Kurt Goldstein. It is hard to express the joy and gratitude I experienced in finding a like-minded thinker and scientist, from whom I can learn so much. In this article I attempt to articulate some of the essential features of Goldstein's approach to biology, drawing on his books The Organism (1) and Human Nature (2). Goldstein heralded an approach to science that is sorely needed in the twenty-first century. A colleague of his wrote after his death: "It would be petty to raise the question of whether Kurt Goldstein stood first chronologically or logically among the proponents of holistic thinking, for the essential fact is that he went all the way" (3, p. 32). About Kurt Goldstein.

Do Reflexes Exist?

Most of you probably can recall having a physical examination before the beginning of a school year. One of the procedures you were