Our publications are effective in reaching diverse audiences, where they become an influence for more qualitative and holistic approaches within science, an authoritative resource for activists, and a refreshingly accessible invitation to science for the non-scientist.

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Our primary publications include:

In Context:   Each issue of this twice-yearly, hardcopy and online publication contains several substantive articles as well as news about the Institute. Many readers have told us they read it from front cover to back. Currently 20-24 pages in length, In Context offers stimulating qualitative studies of various animal and plant species, discussions of controversial issues in genetics and genetic engineering, and reflections upon technology and the character of science. You will also find here periodic announcements about courses, events, and other publications.

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NetFuture:   Subtitled "Technology and Human Responsibility," this online newsletter deals centrally with the risks and opportunities presented by technology in the world today. But because the issues are so fundamental, the topics considered range from economics to language to the evolution of consciousness to agriculture and animal welfare. The role of computers in education has received extensive coverage, as has the contrast between mechanistic and holistic thinking in science. More recent issues have dealt with molecular biology, evolution, and the character of organisms.

NetFuture has attracted the attention of university professors and high school students, software programmers and literary figures, the New York Times, the owners of numerous private email lists, librarians and policy makers. Over 180 issues have appeared since 1995.

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Nature Institute Perspectives:   Inaugurated in 2003, this series of small booklets presents powerful insights in a form that is both convenient and easy to read. The first of these booklets deals with technology in its relation to human disability and destiny. The second presents a revolutionary approach to the science of nature, exemplified through a holistic, qualitative study of the elephant. The third looks at the role of science and technology in the broad sweep of human history, with particular concern for the demands of the future. The fourth booklet offers a portrait of the giraffe, both in its natural context and as an object-lesson for evolutionary theory. The fifth and most recent perspective explores the dynamic nature of development and evolution through a close look at frog metamorphosis.

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