Notes and Reviews

Do Organisms Merely Survive?
by Stephen L. Talbott

To say that organisms strive to survive — or, that an organism's traits can be explained through a process of random variation and survival of the fittest—is to make a hollow statement. It is a very different matter to explain the distinctive character of the organism that survives.

African Impressions
by Craig Holdrege

The author records some of the experiences on his first trip to Africa. The cast of characters includes elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and lions.

The Tyranny of a Concept
by Craig Holdrege

A new book, whose writing was stimulated by an article Craig wrote, details the misguided history of evolutionary theorizing surrounding the peppered moth.

Feature Articles

Portraying a Meadow
by Craig Holdrege

The plants of a bottomland woods and those of a meadow give us strikingly different pictures of those two environments.

Love and Detachment: How We Can Reconnect with Nature
by Stephen L. Talbott

To overcome our alienation from the world, it is not enough to immerse ourselves in nature. We must learn to walk into the scientific laboratory, take up the language of cause, mechanism, and all the rest, and learn to shape-shift this language into a speech revealing a fuller reality.

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