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Notes and Reviews

Of Ideas and Essences
by Stephen L. Talbott

When you refer to the "idea" or "nature" of a plant or animal species, are you necessarily referring to a metaphysical essence of some sort?

Seeing the Rainforest

The roots are largely above ground, and the herbs, flowers, and "grazing" animals are high above, in the forest canopy. For westerners, the sheer vegetative intensity of the rainforest, together with the heat and humidity, can be suffocating. Notes drawn from Andreas Suchantke's book.

Small Manipulation — Big Effect

A qualitative study of genetically engineered and non-engineered potatoes suggests major differences.

Feature Articles

The Dynamic Heart and Circulation
by Craig Holdrege

Mechanical metaphors for the heart's role fall sadly short of the living reality. The heart is, in many ways, modeled after the swirling, pulsing, dynamically changing flow of the blood.

The Lure of Complexity (Part 2)
by Stephen L. Talbott

On mistaking rules, programs, and other abstractions for the real world — a critical assessment of certain prominent aspects of complexity theory. You will find the first part of this article here.

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