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Letter to Readers

Feature Articles

Scenes of Life
by Stephen L. Talbott

A collection of striking vignettes drawn from life which remind us of the “miracle” that life can so easily appear to be. The reminder is a useful one, so far as it spurs us toward efforts of understanding that are not cramped by prevailing dogmas.

Goal-Directed Activity in Life
by E. S. Russell

We reprint here some reflections upon the “goal-directedness” of life by the twentieth-century Scottish marine biologist and prominent “organicist” philosopher, E. S. Russell.

Notes and Reviews

Animals in Their World
by Craig Holdrege

Notes on a trip to Yellowstone National Park, with special attention to the marvels of bighorn sheep. These animals manage to live naturally in what we can hardly help regarding as a remarkably “harsh” environment.

Our Encounter with Institutionalized Dogmatism in Biology
by Craig Holdrege

The National Association of Biology Teachers apparently found two of The Nature Institute’s publications a threat to the ideological purity of American biology teachers, and therefore refused to carry an advertisement from us in its journal. The ad would have featured our new kit on “Diversity in Human Evolution” and Craig’s recent monograph, Do Frogs Come From Tadpoles?

A Fresh Take on the Goethean Approach

A friend of the Institute offered us some valuable reflections upon the requirements for the kind of science we attempt to pursue.

News from the Institute

Read about activities at The Nature Institute and elsewhere.

The Back Cover

Read this brief notice about The Nature Institute’s 2019 winter course, as well as our second Foundation Course, which begins in June, 2019.

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