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A Physicist, a Philologist, and the Meaning of Life: Do We Have a Home in the Vast Cosmos?
by Stephen L. Talbott

We often hear about the insignificance of earth — and, along with it, the meaninglessness of human life — in relation to an unthinkably vast and indifferent (if not downright alien) universe. It’s a powerful and far from inspiring story. Should we take it seriously?

Notes and Reviews

Form and Forming
by Henrike Holdrege

A few simple imagination exercises can remind us of the existence of ideal forms, such as that of a triangle or circle, as Henrike shows here. These exercises lead into the inner space in which all mathematics happens — but only if one does them.

Nature Playful
by Craig Holdrege

Sometimes nature seems less interested in strict consistency than in improvisation, variety, and, we might almost say, “playfulness”. This was a lesson recently reinforced for Craig by his investigation of the flowers of Hepatica Americana.

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The Back Cover: Our Summer Course

Read this brief notice about The Nature Institute’s 2018 summer course, Let the Phenomena Speak!

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