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Feature Articles

Why Can’t Evolutionary Biologists Quit Believing in Intelligent Design?
by Stephen L. Talbott

Intelligent design theorists have strongly tended to view organisms as machine-like devices engineered from outside by an external designer. It happens that conventional biologists have a similar understanding, except that they call their designer “natural selection.” Both views share the same central difficulty: organisms are not machine-like devices, and are not engineered from outside.

Notes and Reviews

Nature’s Revealing Surprises
by Craig Holdrege

This last summer Craig, who delights in finding anomalous plants, stumbled upon an unusual wild bergamot, which is in the mint family. Here he explains (and illustrates with photos) what was so different — yet the same! — about this particular plant.

When Our Way of Knowing Matters
by Craig Holdrege

A review of Peter Heusser’s Anthroposophy and Science. In this book, Heusser looks at the contributions to science from a tradition that runs from Goethe to Rudolf Steiner and on to our own day.

News from the Institute

Read about activities at The Nature Institute and by Nature Institute staff.

The Back Cover: Our Winter Course

Read this brief notice about The Nature Institute’s 2017 winter course for farmers, apprentices, and educators.

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