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Feature Articles

What Is Life? (Let’s Take Living Things on Their Own Terms)
by Stephen L. Talbott

We gain our practical, machine-enabling knowledge of the world against a background of seemingly impenetrable mystery. It may be that biologists are best equipped to remove the long-standing obstacles to understanding. But if they are to do this for science generally, they will first have to reconcile themselves to the character of the living, expressive beings that are the objects of their own study.

Why Does a Zebra Have Stripes? (Maybe This Is the Wrong Question)
by Craig Holdrege

For a very long while biologists have sought to explain why zebras have their dramatic, black-and-white stripes. Many different explanations have been offered, none of which have gained general acceptance. Craig reviews some of these proposed explanations, and along the way gives us an appreciation of the stripes in their own terms. Maybe that is not such a bad place to start.

Notes and Reviews

Children and Nature
by George K. Russell

George Russell, a long-time university professor of biology, worries about the contemporary student’s unawareness of the natural world. He has many suggestions for how to remedy the problem, beginning at an early age.

News from the Institute

Read about activities at The Nature Institute and by Nature Institute staff.

The Back Cover: Our Winter Course

Read this brief notice about The Nature Institute’s 2017 winter course for farmers, apprentices, and educators.

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