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Feature Article

Creativity, Origins, and Ancestors: What Frog Evolution Can Teach Us
by Craig Holdrege

Craig concludes his portrayal of the frog, begun in In Context #33 and continued in #34. The focus here is on the frog’s evolution — a story that tells us a good deal about evolution generally. “Instead of looking for causes in the past—instead of trying to explain evolution through speculative mechanisms,” Craig writes, “we can shift the focus of research to building up a picture of the immensely creative processes, relations, and patterns that the study of evolution reveals.”

Notes and Reviews

A Day in the Life of a Chicory Flower
by Craig Holdrege

Throughout the summer, along roadsides near The Nature Institute, one sees chicory plants in flower. Craig follows the story of a single plant from well before dawn until sunset and beyond. It’s a story of beauty and evanescence, captured in photographs.

Of Machines, Organisms, and Agency
by Stephen L. Talbott

Whether we look at them at the molecular level or as we naturally encounter them, organisms appear to be agents carrying out intentions, even if not consciously or in anything like a human manner. But what do we mean by “agency” and “intention”?

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The Back Cover: Our Summer Course

Read this brief notice about The Nature Institute’s 2016 summer course.

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