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Letter to Readers

Feature Article

Do Frogs Come from Tadpoles?
by Craig Holdrege

The life of the organism is a continually unfolding activity. There is nothing in the organism that simply “is”, arising through a kind of causal inertia from the past. There is a creative element at all times — an element that, while conditioned by the past, is not simply a product of it.

Notes and Reviews

An Open Secret — The Calyx of Ipomoea purpurea
by Reinout Amons

A rose, a morning glory, a verse attributed to the medieval scholar, Albertus Magnus, and a remarkable pattern of “bearded” sepals — they all come together in this note from an attentive observer of a Dutch garden.

Evolution: A Third Way?
by Stephen L. Talbott

Change is afoot in the world of evolutionary theory, and one vivid sign of it is the “Third Way of Evolution” website.

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