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Letter to Readers

Feature Article

Goethe and the Evolution of Science
by Craig Holdrege

The phrase “Goethean science” strikes most contemporary ears as a strange one. We devote the greater part of this issue to an imminently readable introduction that will help you enter into some of the rich meanings of the phrase.

Notes and Reviews

Of Weeds, Milkweed, and Monarchs

Genetically modified crops designed to endure herbicides now occupy great swaths of the American heartland. This may be good news for the manufacturers of the herbicides, but it does not look like good news for the monarch butterflies that must navigate through this heartland to their overwintering sites in Mexico. Monarch numbers have been declining in apparent synchrony with the increasing use of herbicides.

A New Book on the Heart and Circulation
by Craig Holdrege

A technical treatise by medical researcher Branko Furst promises to open up new vistas for doctors and scientists interested in the many mysteries of the human heart and its various roles in the body.

News from the Institute

Read about activities at The Nature Institute and by Nature Institute staff.

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