Notes and Reviews

Ants, Acacias and Herbivores
by Craig Holdrege

The intricate ecological interactions of organisms feeding on acacia trees in Africa — particularly giraffes and certain species of ants — illustrate the non-straightforward "logic" of life.

Digital Evolution?
by Stephen L. Talbott

A prominent scientist took Steve to task for an article he wrote about so-called digital organisms and their evolution. An energetic exchange of views ensued, and we let you in on that exchange here.

A South African Initiative

What can organizational consultants do with Goethean science? Two prominent consultants from South Africa wanted to find out, so they spent some time studying at The Nature Institute. Now they are applying what they learned in an enterprising global consulting business.

Our Book Reviewed

Our book, Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering has been reviewed in Nature Biotechnology.

Feature Articles

Save the Phenomena: The Primacy of Unmediated Experience
by Martin Wagenschein

From Brownian motion to the gracefully ponderous motion of a massive pendulum to the mysteries hidden in still water, sound, and radioactivity, Wagenschein offers a master teacher's insights into experienced-based learning that engages the student in a lively way.

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