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Notes and Reviews

The Light of Sense Experience
by Georg Maier

A physicist takes a brief look at the history of scientific thinking about light and asks whether we can work out an understanding of light consistent with the requirements of modern physics - that is, without imagining something that travels through space.

Will Biotech Feed the Hungry? — Looking Closer to Home
by Craig Holdrege

The idea that technology offers the solution to world hunger proves extremely simplistic when we look at the actual conditions contributing to hunger in the United States.

Feature Articles

Understanding Infection: Not a Battle, But a Housecleaning
by Philip Incao, M.D.

When we look at so-called disease organisms in the full human context, common notions having to do with infections and attacking "bugs" prove woefully inadequate. The fact is that we are all full of potentially disease-causing organisms all the time. Why are some of us sick and others not?

Conversation Between Friends:
An Inspiration for Goethe's Phenomenological Method

by Christina Root

Goethe's encounters with friends throw light on his scientific encounters with the world.

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