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Feature Articles

From Two Cultures to One: On the Relation Between Science and Art
by Vladislav Rozentuller and Stephen L. Talbott

When our bodies are not plastic or responsive or expressive in relation to our thoughts and feelings, the conversation between inner and outer becomes stilted or non-existent. Learning to carry on this conversation fluently is essential not only for art, but also for science. If we cannot make our own bodies the image and outer revelation of our thoughts, and if we cannot discover in thought the inner, expressive content of our outer, bodily gestures, then how can we expect the gestures of external nature to light up within us as understanding? Our bodies, after all, are surely that part of the physical world with which we are most intimate!

Brain Activity and Conscious Experience
by Sigeward-M. Elsas

What is the relation between the neural activity of our brains and the thoughts and feelings we experience in consciousness? There are two separate questions, often confused: is neural activity necessary for our normal conscious experience? and is neural activity sufficient for that experience? Elsas finds evidence for the necessity, but not the sufficiency.

Notes and Reviews

Waitomo: New Zealand's Glow-worm Caves
by Sophia Sherman

A local friend of The Nature Institute shared with us the following notes from her travels. We thought they would interest many readers of In Context.

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