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Legacy Circle

By remembering The Nature Institute
in a bequest or other future gift you can
help further our work.

It is only in partnership with generous sup­porters that The Nature Institute can pursue its urgent mission – inspiring a fundamental shift in our ways of knowing so that human action can be aligned with the living qualities of nature. You can plan now to make part of your legacy the continued nurturance of our work, whether your gift is realized in 10 years, 20 years, or later.

Seyhan Ege

Seyhan Ege

Three Simple Ways to Plan a Future Gift

  • A Bequest in Your Will. A bequest is simply a gift that is written into your will.
  • Adding a Beneficiary to Retirement Accounts or Life Insurance Policies. You can identify The Nature Institute as a beneficiary for retirement accounts or life insurance policies.
  • Transferring an Insurance Policy. If you prefer, you also can transfer ownership of an insurance policy to The Nature Institute during your lifetime.

In Gratitude to Seyhan N. Ege

The Legacy Circle is inspired by the first bequest ever received by The Nature Institute, a gift from Seyhan N. Ege, Ph.D., a gifted teacher and distinguished professor of chemistry at the University of Michigan. Seyhan was a longtime friend of The Nature Institute. We gratefully acknowledge her generous gift, which has helped us to build a much needed expansion of our teaching and research facilities.

For Questions and Help Joining Our
Legacy Circle:

Please contact our director, Craig Holdrege, (by email at or by phone at 518-672-0116) for consultation on the specifics of how to achieve the option you prefer. Making your planned gift known to us now can help ensure that it will be properly understood later. And if you agree, we will share the good news (with or without mentioning your name, as you specify). Your joining the Legacy Circle can inspire others.


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