About Kristy King

Kristy King, our office manager, joined The Nature Institute in May, 2019. She has a Masters in Fine Arts from California State University of Long Beach, is creator of KAK Pottery, producer of fine artisanal wares, and is also the art handler at the Columbia County Historical Society. Kristy moved with her three children from Jacksonville, Florida, to upstate NY in 2013, where she has lived and worked on a farm with her partner and farm manager, Bob Walker. In Florida she worked as an art teacher for six years. Before that, she and her children lived for fifteen years in the remote village of Yakutat on the coast of the northernmost part of southeast Alaska, where she was co-owner of a charter boat company. Her son, Mark Liam will be a senior in high school this year. He has his captain’s license and works in the summers in his hometown of Yakutat. Daughter Cassie just graduated with her Associates Degree in Science, and works in landscaping and welding as she continues her college career. Daughter, Savanah works as a bank teller and will be making Kristy a grandmother in the fall of 2019.

Kristy writes: “Coming to work for The Nature Institute and learning about their mission here is a synchronistic connection for me that unearths the concerns and intentions of my thesis work and exhibition in graduate school twenty-eight years ago titled, ‘Landscapes Being, Landscape Beings’. I have a growing feeling of meaning, difficult to put into one word but definitely I feel grateful to be a part of this institution that has made it their mission to research, publish and educate others to see and value nature and the interconnectedness of all things, in an effort to protect the integrity of nature and to help shape a sustainable and healthy future.”

Contact at info@natureinstitute.org

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