About Gopi Krishna Vijaya

Gopi Krishna Vijaya hails from Bangalore, India. He has had a lifelong interest in physics, having completed his undergraduate physics training from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India), and his PhD in physics (solar energy) from the University of Houston. As a researcher, he has been the author of about 20 journal publications spanning experimental and theoretical semiconductor physics, presented his work in multiple international conferences (IEEEPVSC, SPIE, etc.), and served as a research mentor for a number of students. He also has a deep interest in teaching science, having worked as an undergraduate tutor for several years.

Gopi’s current research focuses on the foundations of physics in the fields of gravitation, electromagnetism, optics and materials science. In addition to tracing the historical developments, he strives to sift through inherent assumptions usually latent in the foundational works such as Newton’s Principia and Maxwell’s Electrodynamics, re-evaluating them in the context of phenomenology, assisted by his experimental work in the same. He bases his work on the ground-breaking accomplishments of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner, particularly in the philosophy of science.

Technology, particularly the relationship of artificial intelligence to logic (Greek, medieval and modern), is another area in which he has been active for several years. In addition to articles and essays, he has given talks internationally on the relation of digital technology to human mental capacities.

Contact at vgopik@gmail.com

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