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Stephen L. Talbott: Miscellaneous Papers and Addresses

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Goethean Science: A Book Review
Review of Goethe's Way of Science: A Phenomenology of Nature, edited by David Seamon and Arthur Zajonc (Albany NY: State University of New York Press, 1998). Is a qualitative science possible?

Computers, the Internet, and the Abdication of Consciousness
Text of an interview conducted by Dr. Dolores Brien for the (now-defunct) "C. G. Jung" page on the web.

Meetings with a Snake
What is lost when we use video and computer technology in the classroom? This paper also discusses the relation between quantitative and qualitative educational research. (Paper published in the March, 1997 Research Bulletin of the Waldorf Education Research Institute.)

Help Me! I Can't Stop Shoveling Facts!
Why we cannot help ourselves when it comes to treating students as receptacles for facts. The problem has to do with the abstract habits of thought we have cultivated over the past few centuries. They leave us with almost no choice but to treat all knowledge as shovel-able facts. We call it "information" today.

On Being Deter