“Trees in Mist” by Peter Kindlmann

This photo, entitled “Trees in Mist”, was taken by Peter J. Kindlmann, PhD, Professor (Adjunct) of Electrical Engineering at Yale University. Not for reproduction in any form; all rights are reserved by the photographer.

Professor Kindlmann tells us, “The photo was taken along the edge of a large meadow on what used to be one of the largest remaining private land holdings in Guilford, Connecticut, where I live. There was threat that it would turn into a lot of building lots, but a campaign for its preservation, to which I supplied pictures, succeeded in having the Town buy it as public land. It is now part of what is called the East River Preserve and I often take my ‘daily’ walk there”.

A 2 x 7.5 foot print of the photo has been installed in the new Yale Health Center building. Professor Kindlmann recently sold a smaller print of it, about 16 inches high, at his last benefit show for the Guilford Library, for $150. We are grateful to Professor Kindlmann for his generosity in making the photo available for the “Biology Worthy of Life” web site.