Rediscovering Life

Can Darwinian Evolutionary Theory Be Taken Seriously?

Stephen L. Talbott

Please take note: This article is superseded by a new article offering vastly expanded and more adequate coverage of the issues dealt with in the initial piece. You have two options:

• Read the original, now obsolete article, which will eventually be retired from the website. You will find it here.

• Read the new, expanded article (actually, probably about 85% of the text is new, and what remains of the original text has been revised). It is entitled Evolution and the Purposes of Life.

Please note also that a companion piece to the new article will be forthcoming this year. It is tentatively entitled “Is Directed Evolution a Necessary Assumption in Biology?” The two new articles together represent my attempt to offer a radical reconceptualization of evolutionary theory.

Stephen L. Talbott

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