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From Mechanism to a Science of Qualities

The papers collected here are part of a work in progress by Stephen L. Talbott. They are attempts to describe our reigning (and mostly unconscious) cognitive habits, the limitations of conventional science, and the redirections required for a new, qualitative science. By virtue of its qualitative character, such a science will be holistic and irreducibly ethical (or unethical).

These papers may be periodically revised. I have placed them here in order to invite the most thorough criticism possible. Send any comments you have to You can also visit my home page and write me at The Nature Institute, 20 May Hill Road, Ghent NY 12075.

Current Project:
Toward a Biology Worthy of Life

Toward a Biology Worthy of Life

The general public still seems largely unaware of it — and even many scientists have not fully picked up on its true significance. Nevertheless, the ongoi