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In Context #28 (Fall, 2012)

Letter to Readers

Feature Articles

Education and the Presence of the Unknown
by Craig Holdrege

Every student has an unknown future, full of potential. How can a teacher prepare a student for such an unknown future? It requires that what they do not yet know should play a positive role in the life of both teacher and student as they work together to encourage a mutual unfolding of potential.

Notes and Reviews

Toward a Biology Worthy of Life
by Stephen L. Talbott

Steve’s work on genetics and molecular biology, the nature of the organism, and evolution, has mostly been expressed in lengthy, rather technical articles. Now we have begun a project to make this material much more widely available in a new, conveniently browsable section of our website. This article introduces you to the project.

Eat to Regulate Your Genes?
by Stephen L. Talbott

Read about a surprising discovery regarding the gene-regulatory role of the food you eat.

News from the Institute

Read about activities at The Nature Institute and by Nature Institute staff. You will also find an update on our building project.

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