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Comments by Participants in
Nature Institute Summer Courses

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  • “I felt the course was indeed an organic whole. Each part, so different, nevertheless fed into the other, balancing, encircling and complementing each other. I came away each day knowing my mind had been stretched and opened, my perceptions deepened and sharpened, my soul enriched and fed.”
  • “The course felt like a wonderful integration of three ways of seeing and being [geometry, plant study and drawing]. The methodologies were clear and thoughtful. The teaching and engagement were alive and grounded.”
  • “I recently finished a master's degree in Environmental Science. Many of the courses were static. I wish I could do it over at The Nature Institute; much more dynamic and integrated with larger surroundings. Also met very interesting, sharing people. Enjoyed the entire experience.”
  • “I am very glad to have become acquainted with The Nature Institute and all three of the inspired teachers! ... Thank you for creating this wonderful place!”
  • “This may be the most ideal course I have ever taken. It had a rhythm and balance that was very satisfying. Perhaps you could say it was, in some way, a reflection of nature itself! The combination of studies was very effective. The time for talking was very important too. The atmosphere encouraged risk taking in thinking and speaking.”
  • “It was such a gentle Aha! experience for me-peeling away a veil or film that has covered my eyes for years. It again gives me context and tools for seeing the familiar in a deeper and more penetrating way.”
  • “The course was a wonderful model for wholeness in thinking: the geometry — plant study — drawing triad and, most importantly, how the three teachers worked together; that too, came across as a whole and supported the content.”
  • “[The course] helped me to comprehend the fluidity of thinking needed for Goethean science, while at the same time being accurate. I am inspired to do more work on my own.”
  • “The salient points were presented in a rich and rounded way. I have a much stronger foundation of understanding Goethean Science.”

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