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About Seth Jordan

Seth Jordan joined us this past November as our part-time Program Coordinator. He is very enthusiastic about supporting our work in phenomena-based science, as well as exploring how our approach can inform a new impulse in the social sciences. One of his first major efforts has been to help us implement our new fellowship program.

Seth graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Connecticut College in 2003. During his senior year, Seth took a seminar on evolution where he learned that nature was a complex, murderous machine – "red in tooth and claw" — but somehow this didn't seem to him like it was really the whole picture ... Since that time, his main work has been in educating and organizing. In 2008, he co-founded "Think OutWord," a peer-led program for young adults exploring possibilities for social change. In the following years, Seth spent much of his time organizing and teaching workshops both in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia. In 2014, he settled back down in our area as a teacher at Free Columbia.


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